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GEF Secretariat - List of staff

Carlos Manuel Rodriguez

CEO and Chairperson, Global Environment Facility

Lawyer by profession, politician by choice, and conservationist at heart, Carlos Manuel Rodriguez was elected as CEO and Chairperson of the Global Environment Facility by its governing body, the GEF Council, in June 2020. He will start on September 1, 2020.

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Name Position Area of expertise
Rodríguez, Carlos Manuel GEF CEO and Chairperson
GEF Secretariat - Front Office
Name Position Area of expertise
Besson, Olivier Senior Program Assistant Design, Communications, Contracting, Procurement, Web Maintenance, Events
Bisset, Robert Head of Communications Communications
Harmala, Jason Web Producer Consultant
Hofer, Christian Senior Communications Officer Publications, Multimedia, Events
Kennedy, Alua Communications Officer Communications
Kouame, Julienne Program Analyst - Human Resources Liaison
Lallas, Peter Adviser to CEO / Conflict Resolution Commissioner
MacInnis, Laura Senior Communications Officer
Monga, Malvika Special Assistant to the CEO
Pormes, Esther Senior Executive Assistant
Teelucksingh, Sonja Advisor to the CEO
GEF Secretariat - Policy, Partnerships, and Operations Unit
Name Position Area of expertise
Clottes, Françoise Director of Strategy and Operations
Ridolfi, Paola Manager of Strategy and Operations
Adams, Amanda Olesia Program Assistant
Biro Kirtman, Yasemin Knowledge Management Coordinator Knowledge Management, Partnerships and Resource Mobilization
Blet, Cyril Senior Results-based Management Specialist
Bogyo, Christina Senior Program Assistant
Caldicott, Jonathan Senior Policy Officer
Ehlers, William Ernest Country Relations Coordinator / Secretary to the Council Country Relations: Latin America & Caribbean
Krushelnytska, Olha Operations Officer Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Marquez Pizzanelli, Nicolas Operations Officer Country Support Program
Matsumoto, Ikuko Knowledge and Policy Officer
Mpoyi, Regine Program Assistant
Nazneen, Akila Senior Financial Assistant
Parhizkar, Omid Operations Officer Results Based Mgmt., Energy and Climate Change
Peng, Naiying Operations Analyst
Phan, Quynh Senior Financial Officer Financial management, accounting and auditing
Richardson Temm, Gabriella Senior Operations Officer Gender and Social Issues
Rodriguez, Raul Short Term Temporary
Salazar, Henry Operations Coordinator
Schreiber, Robert Program Coordinator Country Support Program
Waithaka, Susan Wangui Matindi Country Relations Officer Sub-Saharan Africa
Wane, Michaelle Keza Program Analyst
Yoon, Seo-Jeong Policy Officer
GEF Secretariat - Programs Unit
Name Position Area of expertise
Fonseca, Gustavo Alberto Director of Programs
Gascon, Claude Manager of Programs
Aoki, Chizuru Lead Environmental Specialist for the GEF Programming Unit and Manager of the CBIT Trust Fund Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs), Climate Change Policy and Finance, SDGs
Apel, Ulrich Senior Environmental Specialist Europe and Central Asia Regional Coordinator, Land Degradation Focal Area Coordinator, SFM/REDD+
Bakarr, Mohamed Lead Environmental Specialist Strategic Programming Initiatives (IAPs and Major Programs), STAP Liaison
Barber, Glynis Program Assistant Adaptation
Barnwal, Aloke Senior Climate Change Specialist Sustainable Cities, Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Change Mitigation, Asia Regional Team
Benchimol, Avril Senior Financial Specialist Blended Finance
Berardi, Filippo Senior Climate Change Specialist Climate Change, Non-Grant Instruments, Energy, Climate and Carbon Finance, Environmental & Social Risk, Payment for Environmental Services
Bobb-Semple, Asha Operations Analyst SIDS regional team, IAPs, Land Degradation
Callenberg, Mia Junior Professional Officer
Dorji, Tshewang Climate Change Specialist
Fairbank, Hannah Senior Biodiversity Specialist Asia Regional Coordinator and Sr. Biodiversity Specialist
Fernandes, Monica Senior Program Assistant Asia regional team, Sustainable Cities IAP, climate change (UNFCCC), post 2015 framework, SDGs
Goncalves Moreira, Adriana Senior Biodiversity Specialist
Gousse, Kettly Program Assistant Europe and Central Asia regional team, Commodities IAP, land degradation (UNCCD)
Hansen, Steffen Environmental Specialist Europe and Central Asia regional team, international waters
Hartman, Paul Senior Environmental Specialist Commodities IAP, Sustainable Forest Management, Asia regional team
Hillers, Astrid Senior Environmental Specialist, International Waters Cooperation in Transboundary Waters; Water, Food, Energy, Environment Nexus; Water Quality Management; Groundwater Management; Environmental Security; Climate Change Adaptation
Iqbal, Fareeha Senior Climate Change Specialist Regional Coordinator for Small Island Developing States (SIDS), climate change adaptation
Karrer, Leah Senior Environmental Specialist Asia regional team, international waters
Kim, Teayeon Junior Professional Officer Asia Regional Team, IAPs Results Management, Sustainable Forest Management
Kuang-Idba, Katya Climate Change Specialist Climate change adaptation
Martinez, Pascal Senior Climate Change Specialist Africa regional team, Latin America regional team, Climate change mitigation, Sustainable Forest Management
Phan, Nhu Quynh Senior Program Assistant Asia regional team, CFI Program
Reddy, Matthew Senior Private Sector Specialist
Sapijanskas, Jurgis Senior Biodiversity Specalist
Severin, Christian Senior Environmental Specialist International Waters Coordinator, Latin America regional team, SIDS regional team
Shiga, Yuki Environmental Specialist
Sinnassamy, Jean-Marc Senior Environmental Specialist Africa regional team, SIDS regional team, SFM, land degradation, Food Security IAP Lead
Sookdeo, Anil Senior Environmental Specialist Chemicals and Waste Coordinator, Asia regional team, Europe and Central Asia regional team, SIDS regional team
Sow, Ibrahima Senior Environmental Specialist Africa Regional Coordinator, chemicals and waste
Spensley, Jason Senior Climate Change Specialist
Swain, Evelyn Senior Environmental Specialist Latin America regional team, SIDS regional team, chemicals
Tirfe, Tigest Program Assistant SIDS regional team, Europe and Central Asia regional team, chemicals (BRS), post 2015 framework, SDGs
Wyatt, Sarah Environmental Specialist Latin America regional team, SIDS regional team, biodiversity, SDGs, Indigenous Peoples
Yang, Ming Senior Climate Change Specialist Asia regional team, Africa regional team, Europe and Central Asia regional team, climate change mitigation
Yoshida, Satoshi Senior Environmental Specialist Climate change mitigation, chemicals and waste
Zimsky, Mark Senior Biodiversity Specialist Latin America Regional Coordinator, Biodiversity Focal Area Coordinator